DOT CA Privacy Policy

In all cases except when using the Registered Trademark classification, a Canadian mailing address and phone number are required. eCommerce security certificate issuers may require domain owner contact information to match in full or in part. For these reasons you may want to use your personal information when registering a .ca domain. This personal information will not display to others when they do a whois search on your domain name.

Sometimes, you may wish to keep your information even more private. In that case, we will not submit your email address to the central registry.

If you meet the requirements but want your email address or other contact information unlisted, you may appoint an agent. This means the domain will be legally registered to you or your organization. An agent's contact information will be stored in the whois database and will display to the public.

You may appoint a principal of the organization as your agent. Enter your real email address here, click the button and we'll email you all the details.
MY REAL EMAIL ADDRESS: registering the domain to an organization, use the organization's full legal name. When registering as an individual, use your full legal name. your 'real' email address in the TECH EMAIL / UNLISTED EMAIL* box. This box is REQUIRED when you want your email address unlisted. This email address will not be listed in the whois database.

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